Purple Power: Startup brings gas to your car

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Need gas for your car? Now there’s an app for that, too.

Los Angeles startup Purple is now allowing people in ZIP codes ranging from Coronado to Encinitas to use the company’s iPhone or Android app when they’re short on fuel

Use the app to choose the type of fuel, the amount you want, and the timeframe you need it in. Then keep on doing what you’re doing.

The service provider will find your car at the location where you place the pin on the map. If they have any trouble finding it they’ll contact you for additional information.

Purple service providers are required to comply with all Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, and local municipalities safety and quality control measures. All of service providers take pride in providing quality service, and protecting your vehicle. Service providers are fully insured.

Users choose between a 10 gallon or 15 gallon delivery with unleaded 87 octane or unleaded 91 octane fuel. The app keeps customers up to date on the progress of the service.

Currently Purple only charges a $1 fee when users choose the one-hour delivery window. There is no fee when a customer chooses the three-hour delivery window.

Purple is currently available in Los Angeles and San Diego.

More cities coming soon and you can go here to check on where the company goes next.

Source: Purple

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