Palo Alto's Beep'nGO app keeps going and going

A Palo Alto company that proudly announced its 1 millionth Beep’nGo download only two weeks ago has already passed 2 million.

Mobeam’s Beep’nGo app is proving a hit with shoppers due to an innovative idea to link the ubiquitous laser scanner at checkouts to coupons, discounts and special offers.

The vast majority of existing POS scanners are laser scanners (165 million worldwide) that can’t read barcodes displayed on smartphone screens.

Beep’nGO users can scan and store their favorite loyalty, membership, gift cards and tickets into the smartphone app. Meanwhile, Mobeam’s patented technology enables all point of sale (POS) scanners, including laser scanners, to read barcodes directly from mobile devices.

See a video on how it works here.

“The spectacular growth and the positive feedback that we are receiving from our customers is truly amazing, and it positions us to become the leading loyalty, offer and commerce app in the near future,” said Kang Lee, president and CEO of Mobeam.

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