Venice's Recargo helps make S car go

The “Epic Electric American Road Trip” has begun rolling, with Venice-based Recargo providing the software for maximum efficiency on the record-setting try.

Recargo, an electric vehicle software and information services company, is the sponsor of the 18-day, 12,000-mile, battery-powered journey.

The trip would mark the longest ever taken using 100 percent electric power, endeavoring to set a Guinness World Record while emphasizing the possibilities of the nation’s current electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Norman Hajjar, managing director of Recargo’s driver research division, PlugInsights, will be driving a stock Tesla Model S sedan and navigating via Recargo’s PlugShare app for locating electric charging stations.

Keep up with the 27-state route here, or via Twitter feed @plugshare, hashtag #EpicEVTrip.

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